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Dartmouth v st Blazey latest

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Just home after a lovely 140+ mile round trip. Cant beat a good away midweeker.

St Blazey played well in the first half and created several chances scoring 3. The locals were getting restless at this stage and appealing for anything. Dartmouth played better in the second half and St Blazey never really got started but still ran out easy winners in the end. An eggcellent result for the travelling greens to enjoy!! :yahoo:

Shocking crowd tonight of just 42 with at least 17 from St Blazey.

Although Dartmouths stand is old and crusty, theres somin about it I quite like. Be a shame if they went down as its always a decent trip. Tidy effort for tonights program to.

Saltash away up next for St Blazey.

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Paul, are Blazey still at home to Royal Marines on the 27th April? if so, will be popping up to see that one.

I used to work with Richard Pears who's manager of Marines (or was, dunno if he still is), not seen him for a few years

Falmouth played at Endurance Park a few weeks back and player manager Richard Pears came on as sub and scored their 4th goal in a 4-2 win.

Within days he has left the club and their assistant has been appointed until the end of season.

Royal Marines are at Falmouth this Saturday and Richard Pears is not down on the lineup page of the programme.

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