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Dave Deacon

Refs appointments?

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I generally get to around the 70th minute mark, when I've just warmed up and got myself running, I then get the nod, "thats enough for today"


You would have laughed on Saturday though at the game!

Although as I've just said to someone else, the players didn't exactly help the situation!!

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jamie in answer to you question. i dont think so!!

thats between the ref the assesser, and the county office who get a copy.

can i askj you why you shouid thing a manager shouid see ther report!!

cause it would be interesting on how an assesser would score it compared to two managers who score the ref. thats all


when a ref is asseesed its on the following aspects

1. application of law

2. positioning, fitness and workrate

3. alertness and awareness

4. communication

5. teamwork

6. advantage

7. match control

these were the catagories for my last assessment and you get marked on each one, which are then added together for your total.

you also get recommendations as to which aspects need to be worked on.

hope this helps give you a better prospective as to how the system works

may thanks fella for your help.

another question that someone might be able to help me on is.. when a manager does his scoring of a ref what happens with this and maybe reports that they write on them. myself i normally leave it a couple days before i write my report because i like to reflect on the game and not in a heated mode or a very happy mood. i like to be fair on how i feel he done!

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Jamie normally the marks are averaged out to give the referee a mark for the season and this can be part of the reason why a referee will/won't be promoted. I'm not sure about the report but it may be passes on to the Referee Development Officer who could give the referee a call to discuss the report.

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