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For Wayne Wager

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A while ago I asked if anyone would like to be the Combo Player of the Week.

Wayne Wager, Ludgvan's Keeper is our first MUG, FOOL, Guinea Pig, Player to be on the site.

Follow the link below


Winno, Rob Hosking and the Perranwell Twins (still waiting lads) said they would also take part but if anyone else wants a go please answer the questions below in a PM message and I will put them on the site.

Thanks for anyone who has a go.


1. Name, Club, Position

2. Place of birth, home life (married, single, still searching, etc, team supported

3. Footballing career (teams you've played for, managed, etc)

4. Biggest influence on career

5. Footballing ambitions

6. Best/worst ground to play on

7. Best after match food/clubhouse

8. Biggest joker, best player, hardest player, you've played against.


1. Tea, coffee or beer

2. Chinese, Indian or Italian takaway

3. Smart car or Mini

4. Train or plane

5. Quiet night in or clubbing with the lads

6. Eastenders or Corrie

7. James Bond or Harry Potter

8. Helping an old lady across the road or walking past

What if

1. You win £10 million on the Lottery. What would you do with it?

2. A friend is getting married on cup final day. Which would win out?

3. You get a sexy text message from an unknown number, and your wife/girlfriend finds it. How would you explain it?

4. Polishing the trophies in your clubhouse one day you drop one and dent it. Do you put it back, turning it around hoping no-one notices for a while or do you put your hand up and admit it or something else?

5. You are playing cards in the clubhouse and someone pops outs to the loo, do you look at their cards?

Open to anyone who plays or manages in the combo.

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