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Massey's Mutterings - September 1st 2010

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Hi, In defence of Dave I had written the score line, but looked backed through the Sunday Independent results for past week and there it said 3-1!!

But, has I've come to know, St Darren is not often wrong, and he's right again, thanks for pointing out error and will have strong words with my proof reader!!



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Hi St D.

No, I do all my own writing and Dave then checks content, spelling and grammar, mostly spelling and grammar, he'll tell you thats what keeps him up all night on a Tuesday!!

Really pleased you like the "Big Bill" tales, he was a icon at Hull City and very instrumental in both promotions into the old 2nd division now the Championship.

In fact you're not the first one to comment on the stories regarding Bill so, having many other tales, might consider dropping a few more in during the season there are so many unbelievable ones!!

And just to whet your appetite again, like the time one of the players received a phone call from him to say, he had told the police that he was a witness to an accident he had just had and so be prepared for a call from the police!!

The player phones me and Gail, what should I do? Can't not say no to him can I?. Think it's better I tell little white lie to the authorities then upset Big Bill

Thats how much he was feared, the player decides to go with Bills version, even though he wasn't there!

What had he done? drove the wrong way in a one way system!

Billy was a legend and if he was playing now he'd last 30 minutes, if that! But a great target man.



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