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Classic response from the usual planks.

St Darren.A Liverpool supporter.His Club is run by 2 Yankee-Doodle Dandies who are prepared to take Liverpool to the wall,

for their own financial gains.

Over £300 million of debt,selling world class players,and buying dross.

No new Stadium in the future,because of the debt.

A massive meeting in October,where if HBSC bank decide to call in the debt,Liverpool could crumble.

Then we have hammers a supporter of our feeder club, West Ham.

Have a guess where Scott Parker next game in the Premier League will be.?

He wont be playing for a club at the bottom of the league without any points.

I was at WHL yesterday and Wigan won the game fair and square.

We were poor.

But it's only one game,maybe a Champions League hang-over.?

While I can look forward to Trip's to the San Siro,and Carling Cup games against the scum.

The once mighty Liverpool returns from the great Transanzpor.

As for Europe and West Ham.Not much to say ,really.

Anyway Im glad my football team make other fans of other teams,laugh because their teams certainly dont.

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Now it's my turn to laugh.

You 2 planks can fight amongst yourselves.

Liverpool are in talks with Paul Konchesky.[Tottenham Reject]Plus are after Carlton Cole from West Ham.

I thought Mr Gold and Sullivan promised fans they would'nt sell any of their best players.

What a joke.

The question is now,with Woys new signing's,who the hell is going to stop the Super Reds from steamrollering to the

Premier League title.

What a joke.


:yahoo: :yahoo:

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I think I would be more worried though if I was a Hammers fan!

P GD Pts

15 Wigan 3 -9 3

16 Sunderland 2 -1 1

17 Everton 2 -1 1

18 Liverpool 2 -3 1

19 Stoke 3 -4 0

20 West Ham 3 -8 0

Yes Dave, I am concerned over West Ham, the only thing, is that last season they started well & then faded, I am hoping that this year it will work the other way around bad start good finish, but even if we do go down like Cockerkneeboy I will still be a West Ham fan, My only reason for my comment about T.H. Were to get at that big mouthed Spurfect, who has nothing good to say about any other club or those who suport other Clubs, even a Football would get lost in his big mouth,

Hammers :c::lol: :c:

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hammers,what's wrong with you lot down in sunny Cornwall.

Why is it on this Forum,that it is compulsory for every fan to love every football club.

All this rubbish,I support all English teams in Europe.

If Spurs are not in Europe,I could'nt give 2p about anyone else.

My Club is Tottenham Hotspur,full stop.

Being a West Ham fan suppose you got to support any English club in Europe.

Must admit,I seem to get a bit of stick on here.

Jewish,vermin,big mouthed and so on.

Good job Im thick skinned and dont go running to the administrators.

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Spurfect, I agree with you there, I support one team and one team only, don't really care how any other club does in Europe!

with regards the San Siro comment! seen us win there, oh yeah, and the Bernabau! oh yeah, and the Nou Camp! that was whilst you were trying to win the Carling Cup in the hope of getting to Europe!!

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