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friendly result 25th august

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Cheers Postie, last night renewed my enthusiasm for the coming season after only managing to raise 5 P6 players from our 25 man squad (unbelieveable - this preseason has been a nightmare to try a raise a squad for each friendly - 6 games with an average squad of 12 players and we have used 29 different players!!!). Thanks to the 5 guys who helped out: Rikki Clarke (no club), Tom Berry (Goonhavern), Tom Graham (Newquay combo) and Luke Williams and Joe Carhart from Cubert / Holywell Bay.

Some game - I said to the lads we would freestyle the positions if we were getting hammered but every stuck to their tasks and incredibly we took the lead with 9 men (Tony **** turned up after 10 mins) thanks to Rikki Clarkes looping shot. Titans equaliesed - both teams had plenty of chances in the first half with only Tony Cocks header for P6 seperating the teams at the break. The second half was a bit scrappier as the light started to fade.

I cannot wait for the 4th September vs St Dennis now as everyone bar Dan Parsonage who is banned will be available.

Thanks to everyone at Titans for the game and also to the Robartes player who offered to help out (we declined to try and see if we could hold our own with 10 men).

Good luck for the season fellas

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Hello Jim, I asked Tom on Tuesday - and he said he had to run it by Andy B so I assume everything is in order. Tom G helped me out as a mate, but as far as I am aware if he wanted to sign Duchy forms for us (which he doesn't and hasn't been asked to either) then there wouldn't be a problem as Newquay don't have a team in the Duchy league at the moment so he would therefore be eligable to represent P6 in the Duchy league (if reinstated) while remaining a Newquay player. I remember a certain Josh Harris used to play for us and without warning he was turning out for Newquay another week.

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Dan, thanks for your reply. I don't mind Tom playing for you and we are all good friends in Newquay so I am quite happy if Tom or anyone else wants to do you a favour. I am just disappointed that Tom had a commitment to me and failed to reply to my message. If he had done so I would have encoraged him to play for you, no problem. He just didn't respond and so let me down. I would only add that I think you should familiarise yourself with County rule 16 as otherwise you may get yourself or more correctly your Club in trouble. Have agood season. JIM

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