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Massey's Mutterings - August 25th 2010

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There has been a lot written on forums and rumours flying around about the management at Saltash. I would just like to say to the guys in charge, it could be difficult, but ignore the stupid and ignorant comments.

Steve must be referring to other forums because the comments on this forum have not been stupid or ignorant!

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Once again, Steve Massey is making comments about another team within the CSWPL, without knowing all the facts. How many times has he seen Saltash United this season?

It is agreed that there are some quality players at Saltash United, but they do NOT operate as a team. Tactically, the management at Saltash United are clueless. Even the players agree they are not as fit as they use to be.

I am unable to go to many matches, due to other committments, but I receive regular reports from friends who go to nearly all the Saltash matches, things are just not happening at Kimberley. Friends tell me last season was very disappointing and this season is just as bad.

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I saw the game vs Bovey Tracey on Tuesday evening and after Saltash scored an excellent goal after only a few minutes I was expecting them to win by some distance.

But Saltash failed to press home their advantage and Bovey Tracey grew in confidence (helped by a soft equaliser) so much so that they were the better team second half and would have been disappointed not to have won the game.

Saltash seem to lack leadership both on the field and from the bench. There's no shape to the team and there doesn't seem to be any sort of gameplan.

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In reality, all teams go through a transition and I guess Saltash United are going through it now. Timmy Alford/ Kevin Hendy gathered a fine combination of players upon on their arrival and played some great football, not always having the luck.

There does seem to be a lack of "something" in the performances at the moment, but cannot honestly say what I think it is.

There is truth in there not being a leader on the field, could that be the main problem.

I think we are all entitled to an opinion on this forum, whether it be compliment or criticism, but getting "personal" about individuals in not acceptable.

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