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My first visit to Kilkhampton this Saturday in their first game back in the ECPL division one against Callington Town.

What a superb afternoon even though it rained monsoon style at half time and the field of play was a touch wet, both team tried and played well in the wet conditions. May i take this oppotunity to thank both teams for making my afternoon enjoyable and thanks goes to Kilkhampton for making me feel welcome to their club with a really friendly attitude . I look forward to visiting again or seeing you on the road somewhere later in the season , this goes for Callington as well, thank you both very much.

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What a good move by the ECPL Clubs to vote Kilkhampton into the League.Look what happened to the other candidates:

Tamarside - disbanded their Saturday side.

Dobwalls - left with no manager and having to rebuild from scratch.

Yeah great move. :rolleyes:

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