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Schwarzer or Given??

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For me there is no reason why Wenger is still flirting with the idea of signing Mark Schwarzer when you have possibly one of the best goalkeepers in the British leagues maybe even Europe in Shay Given wanting away from City...

Just stop mincing about and sign shay Given Wenger!!!

Any other opinions??

No brainer for me Given all the way however as a Liverpool fan please choose Schwarzer :P

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Looks like I was wrong

It says on the internet that Givens wage demands have priced him out of a move to Arsenal

I would have thought that over the years Shay Given had earned millions of pounds - Would two years of £60K a week rather than £80k really make a huge difference ?

With Given in goal I would have thought Arsenal could at the very least have a real go at everything they enter this season

It's beyond me why Given would rather stay on Citys bench or ( possibly ) even worse sign for Fulham and endure what Mark Hughes serves up as football each week

Then again the internet may be wrong and i was right initially

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I may be wrong but I thought City were refusing to let any of these " senior " players to go to a side that may be perceived as a rival for a champions league place.

Isn't that why Bellamys move to Spurs was a non starter

I think your 100% correct there

I just wish Bellamy had come back to the hammers, For all of his faults and he does have a few he is a good lively player and im pretty sure that West Ham will not be a rival for any champions league place :(

In answer to the question though i would have to go for Given

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