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Portreath AFC 2 Trispen 1

After over a season, Portreath Finally Win a game.

After an easily forgettable first half, Port finally got there act together and finally started playing with pride and passion and as a team. After going one nil down due to a penalty, portreath had it all to do.. They didn't disappoint.

After a broken arm for Shaun Stevens, a concussion to Scott Thomas who spent a while talking to the goal posts, 5 hits against the oppositions posts and an attempt cleared off the line.. Goals were scored. Myself scoring a curling effort from the edge of the box, and then again scoring from 20 yards with a lobbed effort. .

Ill leave the match report to the gaffer.

Good effort lads

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Guest Bundiwilliams

well i can finally say PORTREATH WON!!!!!!

first off i would like to say thankyou to trispen for there hospitality, the new changing facilities i think will be amazing once finished but we were about 3 months too early to fully appreciate them, but they will be amazing once completed!!!!!

As dave stated the first half was boring both team not having many chances on goal but trying to play football.

late in the first half trispen were awarded a penalty, little bit od a dodgy decision but who cares, penalty was converted.

Half time Portreath 0 trispen 1

you may ask what was going through my mind, another defeat on the cards i thought.

but we came out with a totally different attitude and alittle fight in our sails, we started to play football and our two forwards david bartlam and carl hubbard were looking dangerous upfront with there pace.

bartlam coverted a half chance when he broke down the left and cut in and curled a shot around the keeper to make it 1-1 with 22 minutes ago, carl hubbard went through on goal but only to shoot over.

Now with 15 minutes to go the unbelievable happens bartlam breaks down the right see's the keeper off his line and chips the ball over the keeper and it lands in the opposite corner.

Bloody hell Portreath are 2-1 up with 14 minutes left to play, trispen pushed us to the end but lucky for us we held strong and our back 2 of jason fenton and adam mathews looked solid.

i would like to thank all of the portreath team today, this is the first friendly me and leon have had a full squad apart from Stuart Leeson missing, excellent managerial decision to play formation we did and our midfield looked good of joint managers bundi and leon with Paul Carter playing some execellent football at times.

just like to wish Shaun Stevens a speedy recovery from his broken arm and i hope Scott Thomas recovers from his concussion he suffered from a bang of heads and quote of the day goes to Scott Thomas------' bundi you will have to take me off, i dont know what i am doing and i dont know where i am' quality quote!!!!!

So portreaths record of 45 games without a win is now ended, it took 12 months and 4050 minutes of football to get a win but god it feels good!!!

i would like to thank all the balls who played today, you made me proud!!! i love you all xxxxx

whoop whoop, boom boom, thats how we roll!!!!!!!

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On a postive note, we have a new squad at Portreath of committed players who want to do well for the club and turn this club around after last season.

Granted, Portreath had a bad season last year but its a fresh start, new squad of players(including myself), new league and we are all looking forward the season ahead.

On sat we looked good when we kept the ball on the floor and were playing quick one touch football which was what beat Trispen. 2-1 did not do us justice as it could and should have been alot more after conceding a dodgy penalty and we look to continue playing good football and am sure this will get us results starting saturday home to Mousehole in the first game of our season.

PAFC number 16 ;)

:thumbsup: :clapper:

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Bloody hell Dave give the poor buggers a break

I didn't mean to be harsh, but we've all been at clubs who have had great pre-seasons and then as soon as the first league comes - whoops!!!! wacko.gif

I agree Dave - we (Grampound Reserves) beat Trispen 4-0 in a friendly last Thursday & we're Duchy 5. We've had an excellent preseason so far but it doesn't count for anything. Trispen have lost a lot of players - saying that you can ony beat what's in front of you & good luck to Portreath for the season, no-one likes to see a club suffering & hopefully they will turn a corner & be more competitive on the field this season.

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