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Massey's Mutterings - August 11th 2010

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Quote from Mass 'John Dawe is doing a fantastic coaching job there (Launceston)'. John Dawe couldn't coach a fish to swim!! Surely it's time he hung up his boots and called it a day? The only thing he is good for is scattering cones around a pitch!! And even then most visiting coaches beat him in the 'cone off' before the game. Give up Dawe, your days are over!!

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Is it true that mr massey watched the 1st half of the lanson buckland game from the stand and was communicating via his mobile phone to his assistant martyn rogers ? Now was this because he had a different view of the game from the stand or did mr massey still have the stickers on his eyes from his 20 minute sunbed that he had prior to the game and in fact couldnt see any of the action at all ? OR and im guessing this is probably the correct answer, was he just being MASSIVE TIME ! Steve ???????????

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I get the impression from Big time Mass that all the teams he beats the opposition manager will be doing a wonderfull job, and i'm sure any team that beats Buckland will be classed as big spenders.

Get a grip man if you don't think you can build a team to win the league then move on, you don't here the succesful managers like Carey, Gilbert and Mewton harp on all the time about other teams being favourites, not sure the Buckland faithful want to hear all this from what sounds like a manager lacking in confidence in winning the title.

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Many Thanks for reading Mutterings, and your kind words, it's very flattering, I've never thought of myself as being that Important or "Big Time" before!

Its very much appreciated, you have all taken the time to go to your PC/Lap Tops and write about me, and with tips on how I should believe in myself more!

That means a lot to me, many thanks and of course will add you on to my ever growing Christmas Card list!

Kind Regards

"Big Time Massive"

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Guest Robbie

Steve. I'm in no way angry about my latest 5 minute tenure at TCFC. My whole point of saying

what I said, was because of what is going on within the club. Steve Coppell resigned from

Bristol City because he said, it did not feel right. There's hardly anybody at the club anymore.

Certainly people who care anyhow. I knew I shouldn't of been there almost from the start, there

is someone there who will undermine anything anybody tries to do, and that is not the Chairman!

Rather than fall out about it, I walked away. You say you don't know me very well & you don't.

There were players who said Robbie, we'd play anywhere for you, but not there at the moment.

All this about me being a number 2? I don't think many players who've played for me would ever

show me any lack of respect & that includes a number of ex pro's. They always got respect from

me, whether they came from Lizard Argyle or Plymouth Argyle. Jose Mourinho has proved a number

of things, the main one being, you don't need to have been a great player to be a great manager.

At the end of the day it's how you deal with people. Spanner & myself, and Les & myself have

taken a lot of scalps along the way, yours included. We've always had fun, we didn't tolerate

ego's & we never had ego problems within ourselves, but I think they're the problem these days

from the very top, to the very bottom. And for that reason I'm bloody delighted to be out of it.

:drink: :c:

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