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Another boring season

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Oh, yawn! Chelsea 1, Man U 3. So an indication of yet another boring Premiership season. Thirty years ago the English top division really was the best in the world as it was often so difficult to call. When will the likes of Ipswich Town ever win the Premiership. Never, and that is a long time.

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Thirty years ago would be 1980. In that era Liverpool won the league seven times out of ten if I recall correctly. They were either first or second for about eleven seasons.

The only thing that was close to call was who would finish second.

Undoubtedly looking at that match yesterday there are the first and second teams in the league this season - Just pick the order

You have to look further back than thirty years to find a time when it was possible for seven or eight teams to start the season with genuine title aspirations

The likes of Ipswich etc will probably never win a major trophy again - Sad but accept it - The richest clubs will now dominate our football for ever,just like they do in Spain and Scotland etc

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Well the first weekend of Premier League fixtures are nearly complete,and it does look like it is going to be pretty predictable.

CHELSEA and MAN.UTD will fight it out for the Championship.

ARSENAL and SPURS will finish 3rd and 4th.

MAN.CITY,LIVERPOOL,EVERTON and VILLA will contest the next 4 places.

Newly promoted W.B.A. and BLACKPOOL along with WIGAN will go down.

The rest,who cares.

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