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thanks to bere alston

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A big thank you to Bere Alston,for coming down to us for the 2nd season running,Hayle combo 4 Bere res 1,Bullock 2,


Hayle pen 6 Bere 4 Palmer,Ford,Matthews,Troon,K Elliot,Thomas.

a great spirit from BERE which we hope to emulate this season and come up to you next pre season :drink:

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On behalf of Bere Alston United, I'd like to return the thanks to everyone at Hayle FC for their hospitality on another entertainng afternoons football, especially after we got stuck on the A30 and the 2nd team game kicked off 45 minutes later than planned.

Despite fielding two very much depleted teams (and fearing the worst :wacko::(:o ), I felt both Bere sides gave a good account of themselves, with the 1st team match inparticular providing a 10 goal thriller for the fans.

We (the 1st team) had six players missing, but were arguably the better side for 20 minutes in the first half and the first 10 minutes of the second and were doing well to hold Denty's new boys at 2-2 until some sloppy mistakes and tired legs cost us dearly conceding four quick goals midway through the 2nd half only to rally late on and add a couple more ourselves to make it respectable.

As 'haylemed' said, preseason is all about the fitness and cementing relationships with fellow clubs across the county and beyond.....However, I think that although we have no doubt done the latter with our 'friends' from Hayle....I fear the fitness may have gone out of the window with the amount of beer that was supped and burgers consumed after the game :lol::smiley20::drink:

Extra work in training for some next week!!!!!!!! :rolleyes::unsure::blink:

Once again, thanks to Hayle FC and best wishes to you all for the coming season, particularly your new look 1st XI in SWPL1(W)

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