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Redruth Utd vs Wendron Friendly


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Redruth 3 Wendron 3

All round good game. Wendron having 60% of possesion. Very young side! Very good pass 'n' movers from which many could learn from. Played against Wendron Combo last season, had they have fielded the squad from last night, I think they would have done better than they did.

Redruth were able to pass the ball and get into good positions but unable to find that final killer ball on too many occasions. Players missing which didn't help but not really an excuse. Penalties after which decided the game.. I was in the changing room after not getting selected to take one for Redruth ( :angry2: ) and 2 of the guys came in after missing penalties so I can only guess that Wendron won.

Pitch was very good last night so good work by the Wendron guys. If that is the team you are fielding this year in Fal/hel 2.. Ive got no doubt that if you play like you did last night... You're title contenders!

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Hello Dave

It sounds like it was a good game then mate, I do not understand though why you were in the changing rooms when they were taking penalties? I know you say you did not get selected to take one but why did you not stay out and watch?

Good question and the only answer I can give is simple... Frustration!

I was fuming! For me it was a tedious game! Then hearing the selection of Penalty takers, without my name even being considered was the last straw that evening! I partly blame a rubbish day at work which didnt really help!

I respect the managers decision, But I was gutted and a lil annoyed at the time.. You know what Its like when You're so fired up then youre extinguished :unsure:

It was one of them games that you'd have to have been there to understand the frustration!

To be honest, I'm 23 years old and already considering giving up footy simply for the fact I've lost the passion that I had a few seasons ago!

I just want that passion and love for Saturday Cornish football back. You know what I mean? :\

How'd I go about it? I don't know!

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Hi Dave

Thanks for your honest answer mate and trust me just about every player whoever plays football will understand what you are saying, Frustration is a terrible thing and we all do or think about doing silly things when it rears its ugly head I’m afraid

I do not think you should give up and having seen you play I feel you have a lot to offer a team like Redruth and would seriously advise you to think about it before making any rash decision’s fella

We all have good days and bad days at work but you just have to get on with it and if you have a bad day ask yourself why then put it right mate

One more thing I would say is this, I would go to the manager and voice your concerns and see what he has to say, It is always good to hear both sides of a story before doing the right or wrong thing

See you soon fella and head up

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jesus guy mate that is great advice i cant believe thats coming from you though son.

hope your ok anyway mate .

Murphy you cheeky beggar how are you mate, I hope you and the family are doing well :thumbsup:

Yes sound advice I thought, Since I have hit the big 40 I thought it was time I grew up a little (Only a little though) :D

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