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Here's a question for everyone.

What football club had it's ground in one country but it's offices, sheds, store rooms in another?

Because of this they could not groundshare and went bust. If it had gone through they would have been hosting Champions League games this season.

Another clue they played in blue and white.

I'll tell you later on.

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The answer to this one is Chester City.

Their ground is in Wales but their offices, etc are in England.

The team that wanted to share their ground was The New Saints.

The New Saints first started playing at the home ground and swapped to Oswertry's ground with it's capacity of 2000. This is too small for the Champions League so Saints would play their home matches at Wrexham.

Before the start of this season they asked Chester if they could play their, but even though the ground is in Wales they had to deal with the English FA. No deal.

So Chester City had no extra income to fill the Deva Stadium and so went bust and The New Saints (or TNS as they used to be called) are still playing league games at Ostwery and Champions League games at Wrexham.

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