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Massey's Mutterings - July 28th 2010

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Hells bells, the last time I saw that amount of hair on a group of individuals it was when I was a werewolf hunter in the Welsh valley's!

And I really bet Shirley Temple would have been thrilled with the comparison. She probably wouldn't have had too many quibbles about the hair, but I think the 'tache might have offended her vanity! The legs and all... :D

And your lads to finish fifth? Over achieved last season? Get away with you. I sense the good old fashioned ploy of taking the pressure off your lads, because as the old cliche goes: it's harder to defend a trophy than to win it in the first place.

Good luck this season and good to have you back in management. Might make listening to after match interviews on Radio Cornwall when you've played the Cornish lads a bit more interesting. :)

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"Good memories, but horrible shirts!... I wonder where they all are now?"

Strange thing to wonder about. I'd guess that they've been used as dusters or cleaning rags. Some of the lucky ones may have been donated to a junior side or even sent abroad to a third world country. Unless your mum put your name in yours, you're unlikely to find it now. It is over 30 years old.

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5th? - You're having a laugh - what with all your NEW signings.

Please no pre season excuses.

Steve nonleaguedaily.com reports from a This is Cornwall article that you mentioned your team Buckland Athletic (Level 6) beat Tiverton Town (Level 3) a team three grades higher, you know as well as I do that if Buckland Athletic had the courage they would have accepted promotion to Level 5 where they should be, but for other clubs demise Tiverton would be playing at Level 4 so let's say your team Buckland had a good result against a team in decline who should only be one level higher.

The Football Association are tough against clubs experiencing difficulties but the same FA are too soft against clubs not playing to the spirit of the game and refusing promotion, those clubs should be penalised. The Pyramid cannot be held up as a yardstick of "Oh LOOK how well we are doing, we beat a club 3 grades higher in a pre season friendly" as an achievement but ignored when earning the right to advance. Was it an achievement because previously you posted you didn't like pre season friendlies or are they good when they allow you to beat the Buckland drum.

The Cowardice of refusing promotion must go deep in the South West because despite touching on this subject many times no one has raised their head above the parapet and admitted to NOT WANTING CHANGE i.e PROMOTION. Doesn't that make 9 months competition a pointless exercise?

Surely the time has come for a points deduction for teams refusing promotion.

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