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You will find that my combo website plus all it's links has gone down. :(

The reason for this is that the free web hoster, a2bhost.net, told everyone a few days ago who had a site on their servers that unless we joined their forums and posted at least 10 times then they would kill off our sites. I joined their forums and posted a couple of times but their forums were full of youngsters (with blogs not proper sites like mine) going on about Lady Gaga, American sports, girl love boy things, etc, so I never posted 10 times. :wacko:

This morning 23/7/10 they closed my site. :angry2:

But all is not lost. :yahoo:

I asked at the last Combo Committee meeting what the league wanted, for me to carry on as now or if they wanted to pay for their own site. They were going to decide at the next meeting in 6 weeks time. I did say I wanted to carry on as before but with a2bhost cocking things up I've had to jump the gun. You can still get some free web hosting but not without adverts and I personally hate them unless they are for what you want. That's why I can't stand www.clubwebsite or football mito. the adverts. :unsure:

As I say all is not lost. Last night I bought a domain and paid for 2 years hosting. £43.30 for hosting plus the domain is cheap as it is unlimited broadband, in other words, as many people as possible can open as many pages as they want. A lot of cheap hosting plans give a limited broadband width. Have you ever been on a site when it says you can't open a page because the site has exceeded it's limit.

The website content will be same as before as I will just upload the website from my laptop into the new domain.

I couldn't buy www.cornwallcombinationleague.co.uk as someone has already bought it plus some more domains to do with the Combination League. What they want you to do is transfer it off them for a profit. :SM_carton:

The new site will be


It will take a couple of days for them to register the domain and set up the account.

Once done I will upload onto it and the site will be up and running again so bear with me and I will notify you.


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