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I've been oppointed the new player/mananger for the forth coming season in fal/hel div 3, and are looking for young and old players for the new season. To be able to sign on you need to have completed a college course or currently undergoing a college course. We play our home games at cornwall college in pool and train there on the astro so no metal studs please on a monday and wednesday evening pre-season between 6:30pm - 8:00pm and during the season on a thursday evening. Players of all abillites will not be turned down as we now have two teams and a sunday side aswell so you are almost certain of a game over the weekend. So all players looking to join there is a signing on fee of 25 pounds this covers insurance for the club and league fees to join. There is also tracksuit that you can purchase that is currently around half price through the club. The only other costs are 2 pound per home game to cover the refs fees thats all we ask from you, we may have a fines system but all moneys goes back to you anyway via beer ect. If this sounds intresting to you please PM me or turn up on a monday or a wednesday evening

hope to see new faces in the coming weeks

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