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As part of a new agreement between Plymouth Argyle and the ladies team, the ladies team can now offer season tickets for the mens team in the devonport end for £240 for a season ticket or £10 per game, normal ticket prices are far more expensive if u r intrested please contact me on rhysie14@hotmail.com

many thanks

Rhys Sullivan

Plymouth Argyle Ladies 1st team manager

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Hi jasa hope you are havin a good summer i have to agree with you for once got rhys trying to help out and you get someone like tom jerry being nasty i bet if plymouth where to draw a big team like man utd in the cup he would go as well as other so called plymouth supporters got my season ticket and cant wait to get back in the old routine of catching bus from here walking to ground from bus station getting in ground havin a chat with other regulars .I cant see bradley wright phillips being at argyle for much longer after the truro match reid wanted to bring him off after 20 mins when he came on but he wouldnt and after match i was talking to him and he said reid was a f------g c ---t just as reid came out of the changing rooms .I think argyle will go up with southampton .

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Guest oufc1

Bit out of order really, it would have been so easy to have kept the offer to themselves and sorted out their mates etc......a cheap season ticket could be great news to some people in te current financial climate, i hope that the response doesnt stop others putting things such as this on in the future......even if one person takes up the offer and it helps them out the post was worthwhile!

I know if i was still in cornwall id have taken advantage of one.

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A great offer and cheers for putting it on here. Two things though.

1. Do Argyle know that you are offering them around? I know one of the players got into trouble a while back for selling on tickets that were meant to be given free to his family and friends.

2. £240 for a season ticket or £10 per game. 23 games x £10 = £230, therefore cheaper to buy a ticket each game.

I'd love to take you up on the offer having been a season ticket holder for several years but unfortunately I cannot get there week in, week out for the moment. I will be back properly one day though.

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Sorry previous message should have read 230 pounds for 23 games, yes Argyle are aware Dan Thomas head of operations at home park has given the Ladies team permission to offer 10 pound tickets and reduced priced season tickets, if you do attend a game and would like a cheaper tickei will be there every week and able to give you the ticket at the game.

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May make an effort to watch Argyle this season if I can.

Peter Reid seems to be doing O.K.made a very good signing today.

Dean Parrett is a very good youngster from Tottenham.

Just played for England U19s and has played for Tottenhams first team in the Europa Cup.

This kid is quality,plus with goalkeeper Dave Button on the books,I think a good season is on the cards.

:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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