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Truro/Famouth result?

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Truro 6, Falmouth 0

Ash (1, 42)

Watkins (16, 38)

Smith (19)

Afful (87)

I wasn't told what the gate was.

I was told the attendance was 213 and some went back home after seeing the entrance fee of £7-00

Well all I can say is those who went back home missed a good entertaining game football with plenty of goals,

and well worth every bit of the £5 that I paid.

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Falmouth started with a 4 4 1 1 system, with Tom Smith being released and both Ben Stidwell and Teags injured Sean Flynn starting on the bench there was a brand new defence and they did'nt look comfortable for long periods, they conceeded 3 or 4 of the goals from set peices and Chappie in goal made a couple of silly errors, the game was all but over after half an hour or so, but give credit to the team they battled on to half time. Second half brought a change to a 4 4 2 system for Falmouth and a few players being changed the main one being the introduction of Sean Flynn who stedied the back line, Falmouth looked a lot more comfortable in the second half and had a few chances themselves. I overheard some one say that mabe this fixture came a little earlie perhaps that is correct.Then I heard him say for a freindly the entry price was criminal which was also correct.

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