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Bobby Oaten Joins AFC St Ausell

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  • 2 weeks later...

I think we've all heard enough about budgets etc, lets not tarnish another thread to discuss the finances yet again!

Strange one this though and maybe someone from Town could go into more detail regarding this appointment for the benefit of the neutral?

Glyn comes in, delivers a Senior Cup and is ousted.

Andy Dingle carries on where he left off and gets you promoted at the first attempt.

No sooner has this happened, its banded all over the local press that St Austell are chasing Trevor Mewton/Ray Nicholls but claim there is still a place on the coaching team for Andy. Would there have been really?

Now, Bobby Oaten who lost half of his squad to St Austell two years ago has been given the chance to come in and "assist" Andy.

Bobbys contacts, that were so publicly commended in the local rags were not strong enough to benefit Clyst and so I wonder on the reasoning of the appointment.

Playing Devils advocat and slightly contradicting myself however, having lost just about all his squad at St Blazey, Bobby done a very good job in attracting some players and getting St Blazey to Mid table; A position judging by the rumour mill that St Austell are looking to better.

As a neutral I read the Guardian and the Voice and had great sympathy for your current manager who despite his efforts was being treated with very little respect. That news should never have made the press even if Andy was aware of the clubs intentions.

From the outside looking in, it looks as though Mr Dingle is being set up for a fall.

Assistants and Managers are two different breeds and I think someones ego will get in the way and result in a parting of ways before long.

Assuming Bobby brings in players from Holsworthy/Clyst/Plymouth, what will this do for the interest of the 150 business and many fans who have been really pleased with the emergence of many local players?

I'm just stating an opinion here, I have many friends at St Austell and find it frustrating that despite the obvious hard work going on that sometimes the odd comment here and there makes it hard for other neutrals to take interest in the return of such an historic club.

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Andy Dingle and Boddy Oaten are JOINT managers of AFC St Austell. It was Andy's decision to bring in Bobby Oaten as Nanks has rightly pointed out. Andy is on holiday at the moment and wanted to find an assistant/joint manager due to work pressures, and if Andy felt that he wasn't able to devote enough time to the role, then he would step down but remain at the club. Ray Nicholls and Trevor Mewton were approached, and this was suggested by Andy himself. It seems that perhaps people outside the club are looking to find a story where there isn't one. As for Mr Unorthodox's comment about a player being offered £100 a week, then that is complete rubbish, given the club's projected budget for the season. As for Will and Crappy being on the bench for St Blazey, then we'll see if they are at St Dennis on Wednesday evening. No-one is being stabbed in the back at St Austell, the decision to replace Glyn as manager was a purely footballing one. People on the outside looking in don't know what's going on, or in some cases see what they want to see. The budget at St Austell is maintained by the hard work of our Commercial Manager and the Committee and the generosity of local businesses and supporters. Unlike some clubs, we don't have wealthy benefactors who can bankroll their club for the season and can throw money at players. As for VJ's remarks, I can think of a club further up the road from us where things possibly may go t**s up, especially when signing a player whose reputation as a trouble-maker and not a team player go before him. I hope for local football that this isn't the case.

Hope this clears things up a little bit.

Up the Lillywhites!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: ]

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Apologies if it was Andy's choice...........still a strange one mind.

Easy to see why it could easily be assumed otherwise given the Mewton article mind you.

I wouldnt say that people outside the club are looking for a story as I wish Town all the best.

I think if the club & its fans keep there heads down and get on with the business of playing football, the football community will notice their efforts much more. I dont know many that dont want Town to be back doing well.

I certainly would not be on here claiming any financial success via sponsorship etc when there could be people involved with Jollys Drinks or other creditors that were left in limbo after the name change.

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I dont know many that dont want Town to be back doing well.

I certainly would not be on here claiming any financial success via sponsorship etc when there could be people involved with Jollys Drinks or other creditors that were left in limbo after the name change.

Not too many north of the A30 care a jot for the self rightousness of those at Poltair... apparently the new AFC regime have mentally forgotten anything to do with the 'old' club, especially the monies owed to various parties. I have been 'told off' by those with amnesia for even mentioning the past, lest they forget it was they who attempted to cover up certain aspects of the 'incident' last October and let Ben Douglas take the rap for Dingbat, I wonder if he was compensated ?

As you say Soil Sports, it would be better if they shut up and just got on with the job of beating their close neighbours this season. I'm sure the next manager in waiting, Mr Oaten, is looking forward to revisiting his old stomping ground.

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