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101 Things to do

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19. A reusable children's party hat, or maybe for the young at heart too! :P

20. A camping/hiking tool for ladies to use to stand up to go tiolet like gents :D -p.s. i'm serious there are such tools. :blink:

21. Lend it to Katie Price to help her with her 'singing', make it less like a cat screeching. :thumbsup:

22. A new tunnel for your pet hamster to crawl through, saves having to replace all the looroll tubes they chew through.

23. Used to scare the pidgeons that live at Pz afc. Cute but evil messy buggers. :wacko:

24. Use it as an sobriety test, fill it with water and see if the drunks can walk the straight line and hold the vuvu while covering the hole, may be diffcult for men though, seeing as it envolves multitasking. :drink:

25. Use them to be like Madonna at a fancy dress party. :D

26. A peg leg for a one legged cat. LOL.

27. A novelty telescope as they rarely work. :)

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