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That's a completely different 'number'!

No, not completely different. There's a "7" in each of them.

And they're the same order of magnitude.

But they are different. However, there must have been a point, as the spectators entered the ground, that there was exactly 1,700 people there. (Unless, at the crucial moment, 2 entered at once and it jumped from 1699 to 1701, missing out 1700.)

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Over the last few seasons we've had a few 1000+ crowds. As stated there was the Curzon Ashton game, but off the top of my head (my programme collection with the full details now resides in my loft and I'm not going up there in this weather - it's like a flipping sauna up there) I believe we had 1000+ crowds against Whitley Bay in the Vase, Bideford in the Vase, Bath in the FA Cup and Windsor & Eton in the league. Plus we've had a couple of 800 and 900 along the way.

Trouble is if we want to go on up the pyramid then we'll need this sort of crowd on a more regular basis. At the moment we seem to have levelled out at 450-500 and last season we had a string of attendances down in the 250-300 range which isn't very encouraging.

Still, compare this to the crowd of just over 60 that I once counted against Plymouth Parkway a couple of seasons before the Heaney Revolution started (says something about the game that I was counting the crowd - mind, it didn't exactly take me very long). Back then 1700 people for the whole season would have been impressive let alone for one game!

And let's hope it's made us a few quid! :thumbsup:

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