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Hi all!

i am trying to track down some pictures, basically any pics that have been in the papers, team pics, action shots etc! does anyone know where on the internet is the place to be looking?? i cant find any sites at all!? and i know we've had a few pics taken, and not mug shots!! lol

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If you have the time go to the Cornwall Information Center in Redruth where they keep micro films of local papers. Just down from the railway station, place with light blue doors. 10-5 weekdays.

Go through them (the microfilms) looking for old photos and either do what some people do - photo the photos then go home and make do, or buy a copy of the part of the page you want. Can't remember the price but you fill out a form and the staff do it for you.

At this time of the year the place is busy in the mornings with people looking for info about past relatives. I was there once when a woman about 30 started crying and sobbing her heart out. She went outside and the chap she was with apologised as she was adopted and had just seen details of when she was born and her father's name for the first time as it was in the births section of a paper. Some people do get emotional there sometimes.

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