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Ok people with a new football season just around the corner I was wondering what your views and thoughts were on the one topic a lot of football fans have to suffer just about every other season now

Exactly which of your favourite football teams kits will you be wearing this season?

Have your favourite team bought out yet another new kit to spend your hard-earned cash on and if so will you be buying it and what are your thoughts on the new styles

Below is West Ham Uniteds new away kit sponsored by Macron and to be honest my first impression is I quite like it although the new home kit comes out later this month

Would I buy? Well the last kit I purchased was back in 1993 and was sponsored by Dagenham Motors plain and simple I just have not been impressed by our kits or sponsors since then but this year I could be tempted


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Not bad,I dont buy shirts any more to much of a rip off,with the number and players name on the back.

Fancy buying a shirt at Tottenham,with Pavlynchenko,plus number on the back,£60 minimum.

Tottenham have a slight problem at the moment,they got new shirts but want different sponsers for Premier League and

Champions League.

Trying to get as much finance as possible for our Champions League adventure.

Trouble is,people are reluctent to chuck money into the Champions League,before the Qualifing game.

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Good old fashioned shirt, best we have had for a long time the only problem is that the biggest size they do is a xxl which being an italian xxl doesn't come up that big. Yes i would buy this shirt but would have to check the snuggness first...... :clapper:

The home shirt is out soon but i won't hold my breath I actually hate Claret as a colour and prefer sky blue.....

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Good old macron :thumbsup:

Macron club kits were the worst seen a couple of years back, too tight, even an XXXL wan no bigger than an Unbro L, the colours ran after 10 washes and the prices were stupid high.

I trust that Nanks has sorted all these problems, bearing in mind you can buy Nike teams kits for less than £13 a shirt.

Great retro Hammers shirt though, definately a shirt I would buy if the problems have been resolved and I supported Wet Spam.

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Newquay have never moaned??

And trust me, Macron is at the very top for quality and price :thumbsup:

I think you will find, that Newquay did complain to the supplier, Trevor Mewton, and two new full sets were given as compensation. PZ had a great pink Macron kit in support of breast cancer, Newquay had a pink shirt when the red stripes ran into the white ones. Shame that the supporters who bought the kit were not compensated, some said they wouldn't buy Macron again.

I like the macron styling, but please make some that fit fat middle aged supporters, not the skin tight Italian style cycling shirts. My xxxl Macron shirt is tucked away in the wardrobe as it just dosn't fit, complete waste of £29.99. The other Macron goods such as hoodies, polos etc are all fine, just buy 2 sizes bigger than normal.

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Ill think you'll find judge that the laundrette runined your kit. Please get your facts right before opening your mouth.

Yes with Macron you buy a size bigger but saying a 3XL is the same size as an Umbro L........again please get your facts right.

Macron supply kit for the whole of Newquay Youth which including tracksuits, jackets and kits.......no complaints from them.

Good luck for the season Judge

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