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Matt Harris has left Troon 1st team after several successful years in charge of the first team. Matt has taken Troon AFC from a junior club, with hardly any facilities, to a having two great pitches, and a magnificent clubhouse. as many managers have found out, running a football team takes up a lot of time, and he made the decision to leave the club, and will now spend more time with his family. all at Troon AFC wish matt the best in the future, and I'm sure it wont be long before he's marching up and down a touchline near you!

Jody Marles has taken over as the 1st team manager, and i will be assisting him, its already been mentioned that we do have similar attributes as the chuckle brothers!!

anyone wishing to be part of the revolution can come along to training on Tuesdays at our ground, training starts at 18:30.

PM me for any other information. :drink:

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