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Massey's Mutterings - July 7th 2010

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Guest Ex Pro Footballer

Mr Massey, think you will find there is alot of good young managers out there,but the Experience ones are not that good, they just have money! be good to see yourself, carey and newton manage with no budget then we could see how good you guys really are!!!!

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Mr Ex Pro Footballer,

Would be interested to hear, besides the guy's I've already mentioned, who are the top young managers in your opinion?

Regarding the accusation of the experienced and successful managers, in Alan Carey's defence, he works very hard in bringing monies into a club, going out into the community and finding the finance to fund his teams, in my book there is nothing wrong with that, and good luck to him I say.

Trevor Mewton is arguably Cornwall's most successful club manager. Granted he as always worked with large budgets, but does that make him a poor manager? I certainly do not think so!

You still have to sign the right players, play them in the right formations and then win games.

Your comment regarding those two managers only being successful because they had monies, are at best disrespectful and worst, consumed with jealousy.

From the top of the Premiership to bottom of step 7, from its formation 100+ years ago, it's the way football has always been run.

Lets talk about Chelsea, Probably the biggest financiers of Premiership football in last 10 years. Are you saying then that all managers at Chelsea are to be successful?

What was the excuse then for the Brazilian sacked a few months into the job? And are we really to believe from your theory that Jose, at Chelsea and Ferguson at Man Utd are only any good because they have money?

On the other hand how many managers have passed through the managerial turnstile at Truro City? They all had pots of money to manage, but some found wanting!

No, your argument, although a thought provoking one, just does not stack up, that managers are good or bad purely on the size of their budgets! But I take your point, (as any manager would!) that it can give you a head start!

Going back to Alan and Trevor, You would be nearer the truth if you actually said the success of those top two managers were down to the people who they had around them at the time of their triumphs, rather then money at their disposal!

As for myself? You won't have to wait long to see how I manage once again on a small Budget!

Buckland's success last year was such a magnificent and refreshing change to know that you don't have to be one of the five or six biggest payers in the Premiership to win the League and Cup!

And I've been told it's the same again!

Many thanks for your comments and feed back and hope you are adapting to life outside of the Pro Game?



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Hello Steve, Best of Luck next season.

Your mutterings for June 9th, many of us have commented on that thread but we are unable to read your original mutterings for that date, since then you have commented on England's demise, so have a number of us, I made a post to compare my forecasts against yours (all in fun) but that isn't possible because your mutterings only show this weeks content.

During the past couple of weeks your comments were on a par with many of our feelings, I posted a link to a Daily Express article about Club England which surprisingly I was the only person to reply, perhaps time permitting you may give your views on what you think about Club England.

Back in 1974 Scotland returned home having failed to qualify from their group, that year they were the only undefeated team in the competition, this year that honour could fall upon NEW ZEALAND if Spain were to beat Holland on Sunday.

These non-football nations sometimes rise to the occasion :lol:

NEW ZEALAND - A team I said wouldn't get a point. (Egg and Face) :rolleyes:

I did post that Spain would win the World Cup and Holland were the dark horses so not all wrong :c:

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Guest Ex Pro Footballer

Mr Massey...Good young managers, Hilton (Newquay), Jewell and Band (Penryn), Gilbert (Bodmin) i could carry on if you want!!!!!

I think its disrespectful when you come on here and say there is not alot of good young managers around, you will find there is more young managers around than Old!

anyway, good luck at Buckland this season, i see you have made some very good signings already, anymore on the way?

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