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Shock News....Another Managerless SWPL Club!!

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Rumours from inside AFC St Austell are Andy Dingle has been "asked to step down from position".

Has always been 'punching' above his weight, should have gone last October anyway.

Dingbat was awful in his previous position and only got the AFC-SA-AFC job by default, this after the club got rid of the best manager they had in years. Great move by the club if correct, money man has gone up in my esitimation.

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You can see the new football season is up and coming because the new rumours start up on here about AFC St Austell. What is the point in starting up rumours on here when you dont know the facts. What a Topic Another Managerless SWPL club. Why would St Austell want to start the new season with out a manager especially after just going up. The facts are St Austell have not sacked there manager and Andy has not resigned. Why dont people just concentrate on there own clubs for the upcoming season rather than start rumours up about others.

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I heard from a very reliable source that Colin Chambers has been asked to fill the post with Anthony Chambers as his assistant. Colin has been chosen for the great work he achieved with Polkerris under 14's. Rumour has it...if he comes so will Phil Ashton and Kerry Simms???

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So everybody wants to know who is going to replace Andy Dingle at St.Austell

News in Falmouth is that his cousin Zack Dingle is going to take over and Shadrack the team secreatry

Shadrach is being killed off - he wanted less air time - so they will do just that.

Will tomorrows headline be "AFC St Austell looking for a new secretary" ?

Wind Up merchants have a field day on Cornish Soccer Forums.

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