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Congratulations Emile....

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You have to give Emile Heskey some credit, after shrugging off critisime for having an awful world cup he has bounced back by putting on a frock and winning Wimbledon :yahoo::clapper:

Gerrard Rooney and Carragher's kids are over the moon after there fathers brought them home some vevuzales from the world cup, they can now syphon petrol much quicker than the other kids.........

Liverpool are pleased to announce the £560 million takeover by saudi billionaire Sheik Anvac whose hoping to put the freshness back......

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Christiano Ronaldo had his first parenting lesson with his new son this morning.

"Right" said the midwife, "what should you do if the baby starts crying and having a tantrum?"

"Show him a yellow card and tell him to get up off the bloody floor" replies the baby. :rolleyes:

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