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Is there a club who can help me?

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Is there a Cornish football club who would like to have their forthcoming 2010-11 season covered as a “fly on the wall” experience, charting the lows and hopefully highs of the next ten or so months.

The intention would be to follow the club in training, in games, featuring players, fans, and club officials about their involvement with the club, both in the past and in the current environment when lets be fair, its not easy to devote the time to what can become a full-time past-time!

I'm interested in chronicling a season of any club, whether its one club likely to be battling against relegation, or one that for seasons has always been a respectable mid-table one!

The idea is to bring out the passion of the local game including the club's fortunes both off and on the pitch, dealing with players, a closer look at tactics employed and of course personality clashes, should they arise. Comical moments as well as serious ones.

There's a lot of people out there that don't have a clue how much time and hard work it takes to run even the smallest of clubs in the county.

This could be the first time we get close enough to find out.

If anyone is interested at all in helping me, or any ideas or suggestions on the concept – please, and as soon as possble with many clubs now commencing pre-season training, e-mail me on davedeacon@cornishsoccer.info or text or phone me on 07759 502408.

Many thanks

Dave Deacon

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