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Massey's Mutterings - June 30th 2010

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The cricket idea wouldn't work in football, the cricket elite players are contracted to the England set up, there is no way Chelsea would part with Lampard, Terry and A Cole for a season signed up by England, likewise Liverpool with Gerrard, Spurs with Defoe, Huddlestone, Crouch, Dawson etc, (Arse nal would doubtless welcome it - bloody shower).

Football is HUGE compared to Cricket or Rugby, it is folly to compare the beautiful game with minority sports, our demise started when the John Major led Conservatives began selling off the school playing fields putting NOTHING in it's place and the PC brigade thought it bad if little Jimmy's feelings were hurt being beaten by someone better.

My top football experience started when I saw the 1953 cup final, enhanced along the way including attending the 1966 world cup final, I have observed the rise and fall of many English managers, this time I thought we may have cracked it but no, despite Capello being seen at all the top venues he still picked the wrong players, anyone who thinks Johnson is a right back needs their head read, continually out of position our defence were stretched not knowing what to do to cover the gaps he left, ALL the great teams were built of defence first, only then do they open up their attacking options leaving little to risk at the back by a succession of counter attacks like we were against the Germans, last Sunday must have been the worse defensive display by any England team ever.


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