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Massey's Mutterings - June 23rd 2010

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Speaking as a TV viewer I don't have a problem with the horns. Of course if I was actually there it might be a different story I will admit. However when you're a guest at someone else's gaff it's also a bit rude to be telling them how to go about things. Personally I'd rather hear the drone of the vuvuzelas than 30000 morons chanting "Who's the w****** in the black" and some of the other charming four letter songs we hear every week in the Premiership. And as for the sound of The Great Escape blaring at every England game...AAGGHH.

When I was a lad my abiding memory of continental football was the sound of various horns echoing around the stadiums. That's what made foreign football exotic. Of course you didn't see so much of it on telly back then (1970's if you're wondering).

And baring in mind the next World Cup is in Brazil I bet you'll not be complaining about the sight of hundreds of bronzed bouncing breasts of the local females as they dance to the samba beat.

Is that a vuvuzela in my pocket...no I'll just be very pleased to be there! :yahoo:

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