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Guest Stopgap!

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Guest Stopgap!

I was recently asked for my opinion and advice by a village that wants to get back into football.

Nice to be recommended for such a task, (I thought) With the amount of enthusiasm being shown I

thought that I might get involved and even help a bit.

I was told that a grant was available, for the ground and a committee was being set up. As the

village is situated in a convenient place with players in the area, I thought with my experience

in men's football, we could raise a good side and start in the Duchy League.

After listening for a fair while, I said that I thought I could help them get a team ready but it

would have to be next season as the deadline to join the league was too close.

Oh no no no was the reply, we don't want that! So I asked what I am I doing talking to you?

The answer was: -

To get the grant, we got to have a Women's team and a kids team, so that is all we're going to have!

No men's football at all!

Now, while there are enough Women wanting to play football I have no problem.

I do a lot to encourage youth football

But no men's team? What is that all about!!?

Sorry to go on!

Maybe I should have started 'what appened was' !

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