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ben waters

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hi everyone just wanna find a gd clud determinded to win things and be movin forward... im still only 21 lots to give to team thanks waltzy

email......... waltzy@hotmail.co.uk or reply on here

you could allways try penzance. they are looking for players.

as your a free agent though they probually wont be interested.

they only want to poach players from hayle.

or you could try hayle, their short of players. :rolleyes:

well previous seasons 09/10 millbrook first

08/09 torpoint/bear alston/ dobwalls

07/08 torpoint first/ seconds

06/07 torpoint seconds and millbrook first

# 05/06 under 17 devon and exter

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ben why dont you get on the phone and approach clubs in person , rather then coming across as a very desperate young man , which is the impression you have given here .

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