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Just a quick word. It would appear I did not edit the CLUBS details properly last season which meant nobody could actually see the details of all the ECPL clubs.

I have started to edit all the details but it will take me a week or so to complete it and I wont know all the details until after the AGM.

The details will show everything about each club with contacts, team colours, ground etc. Once complete it will be open to anyone who wants to see the details.

If there are any incorrect details then clubs can get on this forum and advise of any changes to be made. My apologies.

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If you want to give me a head start then please add here.

Name of club

If known telephone numbers, mobile and home numbers, email address, home address

Secretary's details

Managers details

Chairmans details

Ground details

Ground directions

team colours shirts/shorts/sox

change colours shirst/shorts/sox

Any other information like another contact

many thanks

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