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Hi dave i tried to reply to you but it wouldnt send i would like the old south western league reinstated where newquay would once again be playing bodmin town etc dont like the new league at all

Would you be against the new league had your team not faltered and gained promotion?? The league is here to stay so the newquay lads will just have to roll up their sleeves and gain promotion to once again play with the big boys!

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Hi 100%Cornish, not quite sure what Massey's Mutterings has to do with the region's leagues! This is a quick survey about the page, not about Cornish football.

You said you were unable to send me something - did you send it to davedeacon@cornishsoccer.info? Try again - I'd like to hear your thoughts. :unsure:

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Dave, I admire your perseverance in promoting Massey's Mutterings. I think the vast majority know of it's existence and those that find it interesting are reading it and those that don't are not. Simplez!

I don't think Steve helped matters this week by calling those that disagreed with his views the 'Lets Bash Massey' brigade. I think everyone saw the point he was making, but had an alternative view.

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