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Titans fc presentation evening

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just like to thank everyone for our best season in our short history.shame about the last month but then thats football!!

this is a list of awards from last nights successful evening at "the old shire"

the awards kicked off with a special award to a local legend who at the age of 50 has said he is retiring (we will believe it when we see it).a liverpool shirt with his name and age was presented to Graham Jewell not only for his services to our club but local football in general.

the next award was presented to kyle marks (spud) for the supporter of the year award.

highest goal scorer: Adam Brown 25 goal

clubman of the year: Graham Jewell

most improved player: Nathan Ivey

managers player: Adam Brown

players player: Daniel Jewell

that concludes our season see you all next year for more excitement and contriversy :drink::c:


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I have to say that Jeweller is one of the greatest blokes I have ever met and am proud to say he's my friend!! On the down side his jokes are absolutely crap!

Well done Jeweller and as Martin says I'll believe it when I see it when you retire.

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Have to say real pleasure as always to have Graham in the team and squad, for younger players they are not really aware of quite how good he was as his pace has dropped a little he can only do th 100metres in 11.7 minutes :yahoo: You always need a good man beside you as a manager but he does not fancy any managerial role, lets hope i can persuade him that football life begins at 50 trouble is i think it was me that said you only start playing your best football at 40 :clapper: Congratulations Graham Jewell on what must be about 40 years of playing as i said on saturday if it was in the higher echelons the man would have an mbe, obe, knighthood, alright then maybe just his usual pint of tetley.

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Steady on lads!

Reno, best make the most of your friends pal cos we're gonna ruin you in Truro for your stag do and after that Jodie won't let you out anymore anyway! :SM_carton:

Nigel, I take it's ok to give your direct dial out to everyone so you can talk to my friends too!! ;)

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