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Will Non League football ever be a true pyramid system?

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We've seen various reasons at our local levels why our football will never be a true Pyramid system because of promotion not happening. Here's another reason at Southern League level!

Adapted from the item which appeared on www.stainesnews.co.uk

THE cost of a trip to Truro saw Ashford Town turn down promotion this week – and infuriate the FA while they were doing it.

Jamie Lawrence's relegated Tangerines are understood to have been in discussion with the FA Leagues Committee that offered them a reprieve and a berth in the Zamaretto Premier next season.

But such are the journeys to the likes of Cornwall and Swindon in that division – Ashford made it plain they would go under if put in a league only one down from the Conference South.

The fourth-worst supported team in the Ryman Premier last term would have used up a huge chunk of their meagre budget on the overnight stay in Truro and other six-hour round trips.

As a result, Town persuaded the FA they should remain in the Zamaretto Central – a new division – that sees the furthest trip to Atherstone United in Warwickshire, with only three other treks topping the 100-mile mark.

Nonetheless, an FA source was anxious Ashford was ‘tinkering’ with the relegation and promotion system that’s been a staple of the game for 100 years.

“I think it makes the FA nervous that Ashford, and others it must be said, are able to decide their own destiny,” said the source.

“This might well trigger some new legislation that ensures clubs go into a league the game’s highest authority demands of them.”

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I say good on ya Ashford Town! Why put the club's future at risk? Just in case anyone hasn't noticed; money is short. I can understand the problem but I also understand their resolution. Bloody Portsmouth can't even afford to come and play at Truro, and no; I'm not joking, they can't.

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Guest oufc1

no arguments pablo BUT!!!!! were does that leave cornish clubs :unsure:

Where does it leave cornish clubs?!!

Well, looking at this from a slightly different perpective having played in Cornwall for 2 years and now living back up in Cheltenham, id say it leaves them in exactly the same position as before!

Its only one team who has made this decision to not go up because they cant afford the travelling (a decision which i agree with)..........there will always be ambitious clubs who will take the spaces in the division that Ashford have turned down.

Theer will never be a situation where Cornish clubs cant go up due to teams not wanting to travel down.

I know what you are going to say....."but the cornish clubs will have to do this journey every other week so it will be worse for them"

Correct in the initial seasons but i think everyone acknowledges that the more you progress the more you have to travel, and until more teams take the plunge and accept promotion to the western league premier division they will always be stuck out on a limb....

It needs a club (with slightly more modest finances than truro, but also one that wont ruin itself in the process) to go for it and prove that it can be done without massive funds to give other clubs the confidence to take the step up, then in 5 years you will have 5 cornish clubs in the western league, the more clubs that go for it...the more diluted the travelling will be, yes there will always be longish trips to bristol/wilts etc but this is something to accept if you progress.

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