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I am currently selling a programme from 1994. Plymouth Argyle at home against Burnley in the old Endsleigh Div 2!

The item is for sale on ebay but it dawned on me that a more likely purchaser, and more worthy owner, would likely be found on this very forum.

The item number on ebay is 330439881836 and there are currently no bids, so you can grab this for as little as 99p plus P&P at the moment. If anyone would like to make an offer then as long as there are no bids I can pull the item from ebay and deal with you directly (note; NOT drekly!).

The game was played on Saturday 22nd Jan 1994. I was only 11 years old at the time but I remember a great game and if my mind serves me right a 3-2 scoreline (to Burnley perhaps?)

This is not a sad sales pitch but moreso a consideration of local folk! Cheers.

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