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Here are some facts and figures from this season

Final table - http://www.comboleaguearchive.atbhost.net/2009%20table.htm

Extended table - http://www.comboleaguearchive.atbhost.net/2009%20expanded%20table.htm

All Time List http://www.comboleaguearchive.atbhost.net/All%20time%20chart.htm

Games played - 380

Wins - 335

Draws - 45

Biggest home win - St Day 14-1 Portreath

Biggest away win - Portreath 0-17 Illogan RBL

Highest score draw - 3-3 on 7 occasions

Goals for - 1732

Goals against - 1732

Goal scoring list - http://www.comboleaguearchive.atbhost.net/2009hotshots.htm

Attendances - http://www.comboleaguearchive.atbhost.net/2009%20match%20attendances.htm

Thanks for all the help people. Now I've got to update the archive part of the site.

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I wrote that as I was proving to myself I had got it correct as both the local paper and me agree with the same goals for and against for every team whilst the FA site has a couple of mistakes giving Perranwell one to many goals for and against and also Portreath had an extra goal scored against them.

I've started on next season if you want a sneak preview.


I keep getting this on the page top and bottom though

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Must sort it out.

Will add to it over the next few days. Jumping the gun a bit though by taking out Portreath and adding Pendeen before the AGM. Pendeen might refuse yet.

Need to line up some players to give me an interview and photo so they can become "Player of the Week".

Plus I've now got a digital camera I can work (not like the other two, one of which was too complicated and ate batteries for food, or the other that takes video better than pictures. I'll be around each ground taking snapshots of all the good and bad things. No stone left unturned.

Plus I want news and gossip to add to the site, match reports, anything to get people on it next year.

Biggest job first is to alter the archive part adding in last year's scores to the head2head pages. All 790 of them. Every game played last season has to be added to the lists and worked out. For example

Holman SC v Penryn Athletic Reserves


and vica versa

Penryn Athletic Reserves v Holman SC


Each team's league and cup record have been altered, that was 40 pages plus a load of work on the calculator to work out goals per match, etc. For example



All teams


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Hi Paul,

Thanks for another great season of stats, we all really appreciate your effort. Just out of interest, looking at individual team records, there are a lot of seasons where there have been points deducted. Is it usually due to player registration matters or has anything else of interest happened in years gone by?


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