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Mining League Results 22/05/2010

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Mining League Div. 1

Trevenson Utd. 6 .v. Halsetown 4

Today was all about getting a win for us and what a second half! 1 each at the break and in the second half Halsetown were 4 - 3 up at one stage. Halsetown tried to take full advantage of quite a strong wind in the 1st half but more often than not the ball carried through to our 'keeper. We had to be switched on whenever they countered as Halsetown passed well. We were having the better of the midfield and caused a few problems for the visiting defence with Carl ' Stretch ' Stretton supported well due to a formation change implemented by manager Stuart Osborn. I can't actually remember who scored for us but I think Stretch had the first after good work from young Dan Bowman. We took the lead early in the second half but Halsetown equalised within 10 mins. We scored again but Halsetown came into the game strongly and scored twice. The game was being played at a high tempo but we pushed our defensive line up and put pressure on Halsetown enough so to score 3 goals in the last 15mins to record a good, and vital, win. Last game is this Tuesday when St. Buryan come to visit. Best wishes to all involved with Halsetown for next season from Trevenson Utd.

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Camborne School Of Mines 3-5 Madron

Madron played with the wind first half, coming out with a 2-1 advantage. Was it going to be enough??

Against the wind we were always confident, knowing on previous occasions throughout the season we have played well if not better when not having the wind to our advantage.

Took our chances when they came and took a 5-1 lead, School Of Mines thought hard, and scored 2 goals in quick sucsession towards the end for a nervy finish.

We held out and were then presented with the league Trophy :thumbsup:

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Mining 1:

St Buryan 2-4 Threemilestone

Attendance about 25

Did you go and watch the game Dan?

Yes, I did - and it was freezing! Surely I picked the only game where I could actually get cold!

Haha it's a long old trek too... I'm guessing the ref didn't fancy it and opted for the beach!

What did you think of the game and teams?

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Good game, spoilt a little by the incessant wind. Infuriating about the ref no-show, I was getting worried I may have come all that way for nowt.

My first dip into Mining League. Standard to be expected; some good stuff at times from both sides. I know St Buryan were missing a lot of key first-teamers due to cricket commitments; I would have liked to see them at full strength.

The big shock of the day was being charged a pound for a can of coke, as long as it goes towards the club I've no worries.

I'm an avid groundhopper when not watching the Blazey, so I'm sure I'll be back in the Mining League at some point.

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welldone to jamie and all at madron from Titans fc.

League tables never lie. good luck in mining one next year :clapper::drink::smiley20:

Just like to add my congratulations to Jamie and all the players and {tea lady}on winning what i think has been a fantastic mining 2 this season. 3 teams fought tooth and nail all through the winter months jockying for top spot it was so uncertain right throughout. Illogan were strong and at one stage in november they were favourites then we took it on for several months before finally being overhauled by Madron. Still beat you 6-0 at home :yahoo: Oh p.s. well done S.O.M. for runners up if you win any of your last two games which im sure you will have handed to you as you have 15 other points, Im off for some sour grapes :drink:

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