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Massey's Mutterings - May 12th 2010

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Have you had a look at Steve's Massey's Mutterings this week yet? Especially to find out if your club got a mention in his End of Season's Awards!

Don't miss them as the page changes in the morning :)

Mass you know me but not that well,i've been involved on the committee's of both Truro and Falmouth,don't you mean mercenaries that play for money. :ninja:

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Never thought I'd be discussing "ladies time" on a football website, but just to say there's nothing unusual in having it 3 times in 5 weeks as most of the women I've known seem to have had it 52 weeks a bloomin' year. Of course this may be something to do with me, but that's for others to decide! And some would argue that certain people in football, mainly managers, suffer from the violent mood swings and utter irrationality that can be attributed to that condition. :D

As for the ref, this reminds me of a relative of mine who reffed in very local football in South Wales (you didn't clean dog poo off the pitch, you had to shift a whole herd of wild sheep - and wild Welsh sheep are seriously scary creatures). He quite openly admitted that the reason he liked reffing was purely for the confrontation. The worse the abuse the more he enjoyed it and giving it back. In fact whereas 99% of refs would consider a confrontation free game a great success, my cousin would consider such a game a complete waste of a Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning. I'd actually go so far as to say that if things were looking quiet he'd deliberately start something with a dodgy decision.

And as he was a big, scary looking bloke (imagine the look on the face of rugby's Martin Johnson after someone's spilt his pint on his best suit and you get the picture) he usually got his way. On the odd occasion I saw him in action I did learn a lot of new words that got me into trouble when I repeated them at home after the game!

However so far as I'm aware he never stood in the centre circle and invited the players to come and have a go if they thought they were hard enough. But then again no player was so stupid as to throw a punch in the first place! Of course it should be pointed out that most of the real hard men in the Welsh valley's would have been playing rugby and the footballers were just big girlies, so maybe it wasn't so hard to intimidate them. :D

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