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FA Cup Final

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I took my two kids yesterday as I felt it may be a long time until we have the opportunity again. I can honestly say I was so proud to be a Pompey fan from beginning to end. The noise generated by Pompey yesterday was immense and although the result was not what we wanted (despite the good lord giving us every ounce of help he could) it is a day that my children will never forget.

The supporters were friendly, Wembley staff were amazing (my seat was in a different part of the Pompey end to my two kids but gave me so much assistance and freedom to ensure they were safe and happy).

Pompey's support as expected was immense, a little dissapointed that Chelsea could not muster a song on Wembley way even after winning the cup?...despite the best efforts of us to persuade them to do so!.....oh and our pre-match song was sabotaged? they get Chelsea! Chelsea!....we were expecting Mike Oldfied's Portsmouth.....yet got Franz Ferdinand??????

Well done to Chelsea on an historic double. For us it was a chance to say goodbye to a team that, although relegated, has earnt more respect from the fans than most that have gone before them....purely for the pride and spirit they have shown in wearing our badge..not for money but for their manager and their fans.

That is somewhat unique these days. Whatever happens from here on in, we will always be Portsmouth 'til we die!

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