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Are Biscovey still intent on pulling out of the ECPL Premier Division?

If so, does it mean that only one team will be relegated and top two from Div One will be promoted (i.e. St Dennis & St Stephens Borough).....or.....Will the bottom two in the Premier Division still get relegated along with Biscovey pulling out and then top three teams in Divison One get promoted??

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We played Biscovey only last Weds and we were informed by them that everyting is in place for them to remain in the E.C.P.L next season.

Think new manager and funding / sponsorship may have been the issues so they must have got one or both sorted in the last month or so!!

But if what they told us last week was true, and it was from the horses mouth, they "will not" be withdrawing from the league.

Which means it is bottom 2 down, now confirmed as St Stephen & Liskeard, and top 2 from Div 1 (St Dennis & St Stephens Borough) coming up. With those 2 coming into the league I think it will be an even harder league next year.

Not sure what is happening with League 1 though. . . .does anyone know??

St Columb have dropped out and gone back to Duchy Football so will there be other teams relegated from Div 1 down to Duchy Prem??


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