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The following statement can be found at the following link of the SWPL website http://www.swpleague.co.uk/Reports_%26_News

This statement means no promotion for Helston & St Day and that with the acceptance of Pendeen into the combination due to their qualifying league position which will be in the top 3 will mean that Portreaths 2 year membership into the JCCL will come to an end. The other 3 clubs who have applied will not meet the criteria for promotion. Goonhavern have a very slim outside chance but must win their last game and hope both Four Lanes and St Buryan will drop points.



Promotion, Relegation & Sideways Movement : Official Statement.

Following the board meeting held on the 13th May I am authorised to make the following statement.

It was Proposed and agreed that the Royal Marines and St Austell be promoted to the Premier Division. That only Holsworthy be relegated to Division One as Clyst Rovers are deemed, under rule, to have finished bottom after pulling out mid-season.

Division One then would have 32 clubs available which it was agreed will be split into 2 divisions of 16 clubs each.

To achieve this Holsworthy will be placed in Division 1 West and also Okehampton Argyle will be transferred from Division 1 East to Division 1 West.

None of the applicant clubs from the feeder leagues who passed the ground grading have or are likely to finish in a promotion position. Of the applicant clubs only Sidmouth Town had replied regarding the sub-committees findings, their submission was considered by the board but not accepted as no evidence of planning permission being granted was evident.

The FA have clarified that where the teams finishing in 1st and/or 2nd of a feeder league are reserve teams, an applicant club finishing in 3rd position can be accepted. This will not alter positions this year, but will be inserted into the standardised rules next season to clarify matters.

It however should be stated that we were pleased with the quantity and standards of applicant clubs, in particular from Cornwall, and that there is some grounds for optimism that with clubs who applied too late this year and with the new ruling on reserve teams finishing inside the top 2, we would hope to be in a position sooner rather than later to transfer some clubs back from West to East where that is their preference and numbers make this possible.

P A Hiscox (Company Secretary)"

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