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Duchy league results???

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Guest Flintstone

According to FA web-site

St Mawgen 3 Looe 3

Calstock 1 Pelynt 4

St Cleer res v Bridgerule HW ? home win??

No result shown for Wadebridge v Roche

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That's complete rubbish RichS....yes i agree on the night you probably did deserve the win, but at no time were the team arguing..yes idid have several words with the referee especially after he allowed your 1st goal ( the one where your centre forward rugby challenged my centre back and scored) i sure you remember that one....i even had anter with your subs and gaffer and they were just as bemused!!!

The referee was completely inept with his decisions and another one that clearly likes to be the centre of attention.

This is not sour grapes as i have said before well done on your win and you deserved it,but don't tarnish the players.

Good luck next season

Stewart Cawte

Calstock F.C

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I thought the first goal was perfectly fair. The centre forward took on someone twice his size and levered him off the ball - no elbows used.

If you weren't arguing I wonder why your captain kept telling your players to stop arguing?

Anyway, the best team on the night did win albeit that I hope you stay in the promotion places and both teams go up.

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we clearly cannot agree!! so lets agree to dis-agree..

Our ctre back is no more than 5ft 7ins, so unless your ctre forward is 2ft 8ins then you are looking through the same rose tinted glasses that the ref had on.

Nuff said...hope to see you next season

Fair point - he's 2ft 9

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