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best fhfl 1,2,3 player

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Is this post serious, or are you taking the mickey again Sloth? Have you actually seen some of the players out there? Perranporth in div 2 have a team of very good players yet you dont choose one of them. You got stuffed by St Day last week yet none of those are in your choice. You are not a good wind up merchant you know!

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Have to agree with tom and jerry on the div 2 players !!!!!

Although here is another few

div 1 dan Buckingham (mawnan) or Paul Mowbray ( Falmouth town)

div 2 the 2 moaning centre halfs (lizard) or richie ward ( carharrack) nathan davison (mullion)

div 3 margerison (cury) Penrose (marazion)

could list loads more. Dave bush (penryn) rj (Albion) kevin Morris (mawnan)

all have been class

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FH2 - Tim Edwards and Joe Lugg (both Mullion)

Haha cheers Young Percy. I owe you a beer!! :drink:

Not sure about other leagues as have only been back in cornish football this season but of the players ive played against so far in div 2, the toughest ive played against was:

Pollard- Lizard

The guy who always wears bright white socks in centre mid for stithians- brown curly hair

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