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8th place promotion possible?

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With many issues still to be decided could a team finishing in 8th place in fal/hel div 3 get promoted?

Here's a situation for you:

Division 1

Pendeen go to combo Portreath go mining (only a possibility). Div 1 left a team short.

Truro withdrew leaving div 1, 2 teams short.

Bottom 3 go down which would surely include Truro.

Thus 4 teams get promoted from div2 to fill 4 places available.

Div 2

4 Teams promoted to Div 1 with only two relegated teams coming down from div 1.

Div 2 is thus two sides short.

Bottom 3 go down with top 3 coming up from div 3.

DIV 2 still remains 2 sides short. So does 4th and 5 th get promoted from div 3?

Problem: As it stands Stithians, St Day cant go up, team in division above, so does 6th go up with 7th, problem 7th cant go up, team above again.

So could this mean 8th in-line for promotion.

Div 3 could well end up left 5 teams short. If any team fancies a shot at election to Fal Helston, it could be easier this year than in previous years.

The morale of this story could well be play every game as if every pt matters................it could well do.

The AGM could be very very interesting this year........................

All of this is just food for thought and is by no means what will happen.

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