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I am looking to get involved in football management/coaching, Hopefully in the summer i will be obtaining some coaching qualifications/badges, i havent run an eleven aside team before but have done some 6aside/5aside. I have a few friends that run teams on saturdays and have plenty of contacts and good players that i know that would help me along. so i am now looking for a team/club that is willing to take a chance on a un-tried coach to run a saturday team anyone with any info or interested please ring me [Dean} on 01726 67873, or email me on kitleyd@yahoo.co.uk

thank you.

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Dean, as you are St Austell based, why not get involved at our club?

At Charlestown we have lots of youth teams, and a Mens team, which i manage.

Are you looking to help coach or just manage?

i would prefer to manage but just trying to get involved to start with, thanks for the reply may get in contact with you a some point

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