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Well it looks like the Hammers are safe, but I would still like them to pick up more points with their final games,

Bearing in mind the problems the Hammers have had with the owners this year & the cash flow restrictions, I believe they have done well,

& hopfully we can make a fresh start next season with a more stable club financially, as well as with those running the club,

Hammers :c::clapper::yahoo: :c:

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I definitely hope they pick up at least a point on the last day of the season against Man City, it would help your London neighbours immensely in their quest for 4th place!

Despite the Spurs - West Ham rivalry, I'm glad the bubble blowers have stayed up, they always try to play football 'in the right way' and the man Zola seems to be as honourable as they come, whether as a player or manager.

Plus, always enjoy the atmosphere at the Lane for Spurs v Hammers!

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I'm unsure as to whether Zola will have a job at U P next season. Yes he is likeable but I don't reckon Gold and co will see it that way. The two wanna make money and don't tell me different. No, Zola will be history and that's a shame.

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I was at Upton Park for the game against Wigan and have to say that although im glad were safe and i saw 5 goals there were some players who seriously did not give a **** about the club, If Carlton Cole, Rob Green or Matthew Upson go to the world cup then god help us with attitudes like they have

Looking at the players car parking area and the cars on show i was appalled at what i saw, Some of them do not deserve to have what they have although Scott Parker and Mark Noble were and have been superb all season

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For all those people out there who think Zola is such a wonderful chap ask yourselves one question. Would you want him coaching your team ?

Zola was a gamble that failed miserably.IMO the premiership is no place for an untried manager.Zola is without doubt a smashing bloke,but he is naive,tactically inept and obviously inexperienced.

The appointment of Steve Clarke alongside Zola was supposed to provide the experience. Another abject and this time inexcusable appointment.He is supposedly a defensive coach.He ought to be made to watch a re-run of Barca vs Inter 100 times to understand how to organise a defence,or else go and live with George Graham.

Admittedly what they've had to work with is very little.Once again the appointment of Technical Director Nani was a disaster.Hordes of over rated,ageing poncy foreigners more suited to the walking pace of Serie A ( or B ).

There is a reason why G & S say everyones for sale bar Parker. Upson,Cole and Green quite obviously don't want to be there. So F*** off !

Most of the others were'nt ever good enough for the Prem,a couple may just be with good management ( Stanislas, Tompkins ),and then there is Spector.Every time I watch WHU one thought above all others dominates. HOW IS THIS MAN AN INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALLER ?

He is going to the World Cup !!

He can't tackle,can't run,can't head and can't read the game.He loses the person he is supposed to be marking with ###### abandon week in week out.He is equally sh**e at left or right back. He has to be in the top ten Hammers hall of shame.

G & S are frequently derided as " Just out to make money ". Maybe they are,but along with karen Brady what they won't put up with is lazy,mediocre crap just turning up for the money and I for one can't wait for them to ship out Zola,Clarke and all the other crap and get in some players with a bit of hunger and pride.

I have been a hammers fan for 45 years and all this boll*** about the West Ham way is nonsense. I want to see players in a Claret & Blue shirt that don't roll over when the big clubs are in town.

Our two performances against Man U and Liverpool away this season were shameful.Utterly spineless ! If G & S can turn this lot into a team with half the fight Birmingham City put into games tha's fine by me !

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